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CS - Incoming Updates and Spring Cleaning


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Hello CSers,

We have been planning to do some major updates to the custom scenario lobby for quite some time. I know many of you won't read the whole thread so here is a brief overview of the information.
  • ELO will be adjusted in CBA and CBA Hero to give more points for team games
  • New players on the CBA/CBA Hero ladders will gain or lose double points for 20 games
  • Decay will be adjusted to these settings for CBA/CBA Hero: 25 points decayed every 10 days to 1950
  • CBA will be updated to v18 and CBA Hero updated to v13 but older versions will remain rated for a week
  • CS - Castle Blood and Roll the Dice league will be removed
  • Castle blood maps will be added to CS - Casual
  • CS - Casual will have the ELO, Boost and Decay settings updated and be reset
  • Added =V= Casual Random to the map pack for CS - Casual
  • CS - Madness will be reset and ELO updated


ELO Adjustment, New Player Boost and Decay Settings

This should be no surprise to anyone as we have been running a poll regarding these changes for the past few weeks. If you didn't notice the announcements then heres the thread that started it all.

I'm glad to say the community has more or less embraced the proposal and we will be adding the complete system. If you are too lazy to read the thread I link to, then here is the basic overview of the plans.
  • The number of points given will be adjusted to favour team games.
  • Players will get points based on their own rating and not the team average.
  • New players will receive, or lose double the points for the first 20 games or until they reach a certain rating. This ensures that new players will quickly drop to a suitable rating so they won't be out of their depth for too long. It also means people making new accounts will gain points much faster to lower the impact they have on the ranking system when noob bashing.

In addition to this the decay will be adjusted to the following settings for CBA and CBA Hero: 25 points decayed every 10 days down to 1950.

Removing CS - Castle Blood

This ladder has fallen into relative disuse following the creation of the CS - RCB ladder. As such we have decided that the maps will now be placed under the umbrella of CS - Casual. You can enjoy the maps as you have all along, the only difference is the ladder you will select to do so rated!

Removing Roll the Dice League

This league was scheduled to end quite a long time ago. Due to a change in personnel, the league persisted for a long time. Now that we have forced some order on the chaos, this change will happen. The rated version of the map will be updated in CS - Casual so you can play as normal there!

CS - Casual Reset and Map Update

The CS - Casual ladder is a haven for maps that have no other home. With the arrival of the CB maps it is now even more varied. For this reason, we will be resetting the ladder to 1600. In addition I will be removing some maps from the map list that are not played at all. I will be looking to add maps that are played in CS - Madness. If the map is fair it has a palce in CS - Casual.

If you don't know what CS - Madness is for, you are missing out. CS - Madness is an open ladder, you can play anything you want. From RM to RPGs, you will be able to play a rated game when using CS - Madness.

In addition to the above changes I will be creating a random map pack for casual. The contents are a secret, most of the maps in CS - Casual are represented as well as some other established CS maps. Casual random takes the random feature to a whole new level. Stay tuned for more news on random cs packs!

CS - Madness Reset

CS - Madness was created to be a place where the imagination of CS players could be unleashed. A place where the only limit was what you could think of hosting. As it happened, TD maps have experienced a rennaisance through this ladder. Part of the deal with the madness ladder is that it will be reset frequently and we will be doing so in this update.

Additional Information

The CS - CBA map list
=V= CBAv17.scx
=V= CBAv18.scx
=V= CBAv17 1v1.scx
=V= CBAv18 1v1.scx

The CS - CBA Hero map list
=V= CBA Hero AC V12.scx
=V= CBA Hero AC V13.scx

The CS - RCB map list
=V= 10th Legion CB v2.scx
=V= RCB Gold 2011.scx
=V= RCB Gold 2013 F12.scx

The CS - Casual map list
=V= ACS Dodgeball v5.scx
=V= Ancient TDA v5.scx
=V= AOC DOTA 2.02.scx
=V= AoW FiX.scx
=V= Archers Blood v5.scx
=V= Archers Hellfire.scx
=V= Battlebots 5.scx
=V= BattleShip Blood.scx
=V= Bens 1v1 Smosh v2.scx
=V= Blood of The Hill 1.4.scx
=V= BYO CB v2.scx
=V= CB Massacre v1,7.scx
=V= CBA PathBlood.scx
=V= CBF - 2v2 - NoTower AC.scx
=V= CBF - 2v2 - NoTower.scx
=V= CBF - 2v2 - Tower AC.scx
=V= CBF - 2v2 - Tower.scx
=V= CBF - NoTower v2.scx
=V= CBF - Tower v2.scx
=V= CBX v8
=V= Chaos Blood v2.scx
=V= Chimaeras War v3.scx
=V= Crusades Blood v2.scx
=V= Daze Blood v6.scx
=V= Deathrow v5.scx
=V= Desert Blood.scx
=V= Diamond Blood v3.scx
=V= Dodgeball Teams v10.scx
=V= Dome Blood - Hero v3.scx
=V= Europe 2v2.scx
=V= Europe Random.scx
=V= Eternal Blood.scx
=V= Fury Blood v4.scx
=V= Germs Blood v2.scx
=V= Grave Blood.scx
=V= Gwarz v6.scx
=V= Hardcore Blood v11.scx
=V= Herofest v6.scx
=V= Hold The Flag 2,6.scx
=V= Khans Blood v3.scx
=V= King Moves v1.scx
=V= King of Towers.scx
=V= Kings Conquest III.scx
=V= Line Wars AC.scx
=V= Lustful Encounters v7.scx
=V= Medieval Europe.scx
=V= Mini CB Classic v4.scx
=V= Mini CB Store 3v3.scx
=V= Mini CB Store v5.scx
=V= Nomad CB Kirazy.scx
=V= Nova Blood v3.scx
=V= Path B H v3.scx
=V= Path Blood v4.scx
=V= Phat Blood v2.scx
=V= Pool Blood.scx
=V= Prefose.scx
=V= Pyramid Blood.scx
=V= Pyramid Destruction.scx
=V= Radical Blood v2.scx
=V= Ray Blood v3.scx
=V= Roll The Dice v14.4.scx
=V= Sea-BA V1.scx
=V= Sea-BA Hero V9.scx
=V= Sharp Blood.scx
=V= Sheep Soccer.scx
=V= Siege Shenanigans v2.scx
=V= Small Blood v2.scx
=V= Smosh SF v3.scx
=V= Soldier Store 8P v2.scx
=V= Soldier Store Accel.scx
=V= Soldier Store Revamp.scx
=V= Spider 1v1.scx
=V= Spider Blood FiX v4.scx
=V= TDII V22.scx
=V= TDII V24.scx
=V= Teams TD II v4.scx
=V= Teutonic Blood v2.scx
=V= Tower Wars v8.scx
=V= TTF Short.scx
=V= Veteran Blood v6.scx
=V= Veteran BloodBvsG v2.scx
=V= War of Attrition v4.scx
=V= World Map.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-1-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-2-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-3-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-4-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-5-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-6-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-7-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-8-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-9-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-10-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-11-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-12-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-13-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-14-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-15-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-16-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-17-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-18-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-19-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-20-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-24-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-22-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-23-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-24-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-25-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-26-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-27-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-28-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-29-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-30-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-31-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-32-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-33-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-34-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-35-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-36-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-37-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-38-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-39-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-40-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-41-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-42-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-43-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-44-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-45-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-46-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-47-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-48-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-49-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-50-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-51-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-52-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-53-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-54-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-55-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-56-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-57-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-58-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-59-60.scx
=V= Casual Random-rnd-60-60.scx

CS - Random map list
=V= Random 1v1-rnd-1-18.scx
=V= Random 1v1-rnd-2-18.scx
=V= Random 1v1-rnd-3-18.scx
=V= Random 1v1-rnd-4-18.scx
=V= Random 1v1-rnd-5-18.scx
=V= Random 1v1-rnd-6-18.scx
=V= Random 1v1-rnd-7-18.scx
=V= Random 1v1-rnd-8-18.scx
=V= Random 1v1-rnd-9-18.scx
=V= Random 1v1-rnd-10-18.scx
=V= Random 1v1-rnd-11-18.scx
=V= Random 1v1-rnd-12-18.scx
=V= Random 1v1-rnd-13-18.scx
=V= Random 1v1-rnd-14-18.scx
=V= Random 1v1-rnd-15-18.scx
=V= Random 1v1-rnd-16-18.scx
=V= Random 1v1-rnd-17-18.scx
=V= Random 1v1-rnd-18-18.scx
=V= Random 2v2-rnd-1-20.scx
=V= Random 2v2-rnd-2-20.scx
=V= Random 2v2-rnd-3-20.scx
=V= Random 2v2-rnd-4-20.scx
=V= Random 2v2-rnd-5-20.scx
=V= Random 2v2-rnd-6-20.scx
=V= Random 2v2-rnd-7-20.scx
=V= Random 2v2-rnd-8-20.scx
=V= Random 2v2-rnd-9-20.scx
=V= Random 2v2-rnd-10-20.scx
=V= Random 2v2-rnd-11-20.scx
=V= Random 2v2-rnd-12-20.scx
=V= Random 2v2-rnd-13-20.scx
=V= Random 2v2-rnd-14-20.scx
=V= Random 2v2-rnd-15-20.scx
=V= Random 2v2-rnd-16-20.scx
=V= Random 2v2-rnd-17-20.scx
=V= Random 2v2-rnd-18-20.scx
=V= Random 2v2-rnd-19-20.scx
=V= Random 2v2-rnd-20-20.scx
=V= Random TG-rnd-1-12.scx
=V= Random TG-rnd-2-12.scx
=V= Random TG-rnd-3-12.scx
=V= Random TG-rnd-4-12.scx
=V= Random TG-rnd-5-12.scx
=V= Random TG-rnd-6-12.scx
=V= Random TG-rnd-7-12.scx
=V= Random TG-rnd-8-12.scx
=V= Random TG-rnd-9-12.scx
=V= Random TG-rnd-10-12.scx
=V= Random TG-rnd-11-12.scx
=V= Random TG-rnd-12-12.scx

CBA changes by Gallas
  • Player 1 & 2 have bases with the same building space as the others.
  • In FFA mode players will get trebs just like in CBA hero (every 30 minutes at middle of map)
  • Removed intro/outro
  • Triggers' and units' IDs have been resorted. This means less command and trigger lag during game
  • Minor grass edit

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Posted 25 April 2015 - 5:49 pm
wtf **** that decay 11
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Posted 25 April 2015 - 6:14 pm
wooo finally going to lose my cba rate
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Posted 26 April 2015 - 5:01 am
wtf **** that decay 11

;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry ;cry ;tears ;byecry
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Posted 27 April 2015 - 7:58 am
Goodbye CBA rate.
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Edited 28 April 2015 - 3:33 am by H__
That is the most R E T A R D E D decay system ever .... goodbye cs
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Edited 28 April 2015 - 3:46 am by Gallas
H__ wrote:
That is the most R E T A R D E D decay system ever .... goodbye cs
Said the guy with one day old account.
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Posted 28 April 2015 - 6:12 am
If decay proves a negative then it can be adjusted. We want people to play often on voobly, not just appear every two weeks to keep points for no reason.
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Posted 28 April 2015 - 6:36 am
Make the decay 2k men :(
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Posted 28 April 2015 - 6:53 am
Make the decay 2k men :(

No. People see 2k as an acceptable place to be rated as. This removes the whole point of decay. The goal of these changes it to bring the higher ratings down towards 2k as opposed to above 2.5k.
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Posted 28 April 2015 - 8:57 am
It is unacceptable that CBA and CBA Hero ladder decays every 5 days. Do you guys really think most of us have so much time to play? I don't care how many points will be lost in each decay but 5 days for 1 decay is really short.
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Posted 28 April 2015 - 9:37 am
decay every 5 days is just plain dumb lol. its so dumb its amusing..!

gj in demotivating even more the players and making them leave :)

Everything else seems pretty alright though!
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Posted 28 April 2015 - 9:38 am
oh deleting comments where i claim your silly decay wont make me play cba?
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Posted 28 April 2015 - 10:00 am
decay every 5 days is just plain dumb lol. its so dumb its amusing..!

gj in demotivating even more the players and making them leave :)

Everything else seems pretty alright though!

Ehh yea.
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Edited 28 April 2015 - 10:02 am by [_A]Faravahar
Yeah, I foresee Peloncho ending up in 2nd and 3rd place in CBA after me with this decay in place 11.
I agree this will demotivate semi-active players to carry on with CBA, it's just too much decay to keep up with.

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